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Kenneth Pedersen is a digital artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. He was born in 1975, in the sleepy southern town of Mobile, Alabama (Home of Mardi Gras!).

He earned his Bachelors in Film Production form Full Sail University in 2009, and an Associates in Visual Effects from the Digital Animation and Visual Effects (D.A.V.E) School in 2011.

Kenneth’s visual influences come from a variety of sources, of course starting with Ansel Adams,  Ron Cobb,  Ralph Mcquarrie, Chris Foss, H.R. Giger, Michael Whelan & Larry Elmor. While his soul was fed by the great minds of H.P. Lovecraft,  J. R. R. Tolkien, Gary Gygax, Sandy Petersen.

Kenneth’s career experience is a mixture of the technical and the artistic roles, working in the field of computer technology for a good part of his younger life, to deciding to become a professional artist in his early 30s.

He currently earns a living as a graphic designer for KIRO 7 CBS located in Seattle, Washington. Along with being a freelance photographer, video editor, special effects specialist. In his social time he donates his creative talents to the Gothic Pride Seattle a non-profit community organization that supports and helps expands the rights of gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in the local community, along with being a primary member of the Seattle Gothic Film Festival.

When not in the process of creating,  Kenneth spends his time exploring the area, dancing, nature, museums, art, cooking, social life, and the music that the greater Puget Sound region has to offer. Kenneth enjoys the more technical side of the photographic process, spending a great deal of time in the realms of infrared, night, and time-lapse areas of photography. Having shot of both formats he has a love of both the digital process along with the smells and grain of the analog process.  He enjoys not only the technical aspect of the creative process, but most assuredly the creative process as well, he hopes to create images that are inspiring, compelling, and at times laced with meaning.

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